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Privacy Policy

The following information relates to your privacy, how your information is handled by Cash Future Payments and how we work to protect the safety and security of our customers.


Cash Future Payments makes every effort to protect your privacy and to make certain that you have a safe experience at our website.
Cash Future Payments will not sell or share your information without your permission.

If required to do so under the law, we may disclose information to contact you or identify you in order to protect your rights.

Any information that you provide to us will only be shared with individuals or companies that are prepared to offer you a quote in accordance with your request to receive them and only in accordance with the law as it regards your right to sell your structured settlement and seek a broker for that purpose.


Information We Collect

Cash Future Payments owns all information collected from our website and is the only owner of information collected from our website. We do not collect information for third parties and only share that information we do collect with third parties when it is requested by our clients.

If you request a quote, we will need to collect information from the broker and information that allows us to contact you about the quotes that you received. Our long form and short form versions each collect different degrees of detail in regards to our clients and that information will be used with third-party brokers to get a quote for selling your structured settlement.

We collect no personal information about you while you are simply browsing our site. If you do not intentionally provide us with information, we do not collect information. In order for us to receive any information about you, you must fill out one of the forms requesting a quote and agree to our terms of service regarding providing you with a quote.

Web Stats

Our website, as is the case with most other websites, does collect statistical information about your visit. This information may include your IP address, the time and date when you visited, which pages you visited on our site, which site you came from and which site you go to when you leave the site. This information is used to analyze our website performance.

Your IP address may be used to serve marketing information to you.


There are two types of cookies that you may receive from our site. Cookies are very small text files that enable many of the features on our site, just as they are used on most other sites to enable the features on those domains.

Session cookies allow you to navigate our site more conveniently. When you leave our site and close your browser, session cookies expire immediately. Persistent cookies are cookies that allow you to stay logged in when you leave and to take advantage of other conveniences. Persistent cookies are also security devices, permitting us to keep our site safer.

Persistent cookies will remain on your hard drive. If you wish to remove the persistent cookies from your hard drive, you can do so according to the instructions included with your web browser. If you choose, you may disable cookies on our site, but you will be unable to access some features.

Some cookies do allow for targeted marketing. These cookies may enable us to track browsing activity and to send targeted marketing based on the information gleaned from that cookie. You can use the Do Not Track feature in your browser to disable this or you can simply clear out cookies according to your browser’s instructions when leaving the site to eliminate any persistent cookies.

Server Logs

Server logs are common features on Internet sites. They are used for troubleshooting, analytic and administration purposes. The information taken from these log files may also be used to construct general demographic information about our visitors.

Server logs contain your IP address, the ISP from which you get service, information about which pages you came from and which pages you went to when you left the site, your operating system, the date and time when you visited the site and more. This server information, however, does not identify individual users.

Sharing Your Information

We only share your information for two purposes.

We will need to share your information with service providers who want to offer a quote on your structured settlement payments. We will not do this without your permission and will only share this information with service providers we know to be certified and legally able to provide the services that they advertise.

We may also be required to share information to satisfy legal requirements. We will only do so in the event that we need to protect our rights, respond to claims or defend our property.


We use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to protect your information. This utilizes encryption to ensure that information sent or received over the Internet cannot be intercepted and used by unauthorized parties. This is the industry standard for Internet security and we take your privacy very seriously.


Should Cash Future Payments be sold, acquired or become a part of another company through a merger, user’s personal information is likely to be part of the assets that are transferred in that merger. Should this happen, a notice on our website will be posted 30 days in advance of the change of ownership of your personal information. Should there be any changes to the privacy policy as a result of that merger, acquisition or sale, users will be given an opportunity to accept or decline the new privacy policies that apply to their personal information.

Changes to This Policy

Cash Future Payments reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Please check back frequently to look for any changes to this Privacy Policy. If changes are made to the Privacy Policy, we will post a notice on the website regarding the changes. If we do change the privacy policy, you will be given an opportunity to accept or decline the new Privacy Policy.