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Why You May Want to Sell Structured Settlements

People sometimes sell structured settlements to which they are entitled. There are many different reasons that they do this and, in many cases, they have to prove that they have […]

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Things to Avoid When Selling a Structured Settlement

Selling a structured settlement allows you to get your money out of it quickly. This means that, instead of several years of payments, you get your entire lump sum in […]

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Selling Small Structured Settlements

Not everyone who has a structured settlement necessarily has a very large one. In fact, some people may have a structured settlement that is under $10,000 that they want to […]

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Is It the Right Time to Sell a Structured Settlement?

Selling your structured settlement might be a good idea, depending upon your circumstances. With any financial decision, there is always a right and wrong time and, sometimes, it’s hard to […]

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How Selling Structured Settlements Works

Selling a structured settlement is not a small decision and it should not be addressed as such. Most structured settlements are received as the result of lawsuits. For example, somebody […]

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