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About Us

Cash Future Payments buys future payment streams consisting of structured settlement annuities, lottery payments, or investment annuities, allowing you to get your money now rather than having to wait months or even years. We listen to you, understand your financial needs and help you to design the solution that best serves your needs. You can sell all of your future payments or just enough to serve your immediate needs.

We have been helping people with their financial needs for 11 years, having transacted over $750million in future payments.

What We Do

Cash Future Payments helps people to maximize the use of their future payments. Annuity payments can be vital to one’s cash flow. But sometimes, times change and payment plan that may have worked well at one point is no longer effective in meeting one’s current or future needs. You may have unexpected debt accumulate, you may decide to go back to school, buy a house, or need a new car. Its your money, so make it work for you.

That’s where Cash Future Payments can assist. We work with you to design a plan that best gets you the money you need now while preserving as much of your future payments as possible. We provide lump sum cash now in return for your future payments. You get the cash you need, when you need it.

Why Choose Us?

Cash Future Payments is committed to providing the highest level of service and professionalism at every turn. We will work hard to get you the solution that best suits your needs. We assign to you one of our highly trained Customer Representatives who will keep you informed throughout the transfer process and we guarantee in writing that you will be paid within 10 business days following completion of all of the transfer conditions. You will get your money by wire paid directly to your bank account.

Feel free to browse our website as we have posted information that you may find useful in making a decision on whether or what payments you may want to sell. Our goal at Cash Future Payments is to help you develop a solution that is advantageous, fair, equitable to you.